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February 2013

:: I Wrote A Post…

I wrote a (sponsored by Seek Learning) post on JustB today. I’m editing a series on women who inspire us and today’s is the very first in that series. I wrote about Margaret Humphreys. She’s amazing. If you don’t know about her, pop over to read more. If you do know about her, pop over to find out a bit more about the child migration schemes of yesteryear (where over 130 000 children like the ones above were unlawfully removed from their families in the UK and sent to institutions in Australia, Canada, Rhodesia and New Zealand). My post is here.

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:: Look At This Beautiful Home!

It’s the home of Ada and Leon Kagan. You can see it all on The Design Files today. I SUPER-LOVE it. Reasons why I super-love it: It’s beautiful It features lots of colour It’s perfectly preserved It’s full of heart It features cane, print, pattern, copper, leafy bits, ephemera and books. It’s a wondrous time capsule of awesome It’s got lots of little hints and glimpses into the Kagan’s life. It’s beautiful. Go see all the photos here. Quick! x Pip image via The Design Files :  Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.  

:: Great Things I’ve Read Lately #52lists

It’s #52lists time!  This week’s list is Great Things I’ve Read Lately.  It’s not the best reads of all time (although some of them could be!) Rather it’s where I’m up to now! Empty Cradles by Margaret Humphreys – the film Oranges and Sunshine is based on Margaret’s amazing, sad book. This is an important story. I Capture The Castle – we read this for our book club and I loved it so much. Loobylu and Hugo & Elsa – some favourite reads at the moment. The Guardian : love it, esp the foodie bits The NY Times: I paid for

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:: Ghostpatrol’s Wind Turbine Mural

  all images by Hepburn Wind Earlier this month Ghostpatrol and helpers painted this giant mural on a wind turbine at Hepburn Wind Farm. It was part of the Sustainable Living Festival. I’m a bit late to the party to talk about this, but I think it’s pretty darned amazing. You can find out a bit more at Ghostpatrol’s own blog. And Hepburn Wind Farm has put up some other great photos on Flickr, too. What do you think? x Pip

:: Dinner Rad : A New Blog!

Dinner Rad. It’s a new blog!  Dinner Rad wants to bring you delicious, homemade real-life recipes, straight from the bloggers you love most. The emphasis is on healthy, hearty, comforting and homemade. The kind of food you want to sit around and eat with your family or friends. Go and see what you think! There’s a link for submissions and one for questions too. If you’re a blogger who takes lovely food photos of your delicious recipes, maybe you would like to submit?  Or if you’ve seen something delicious on a favourite blog, you could submit for them. All recipe

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:: Bonus MINI list : Messy Things I Like : #52lists

I am going to throw in some mini-lists, for those of us who are crazy-listy-types! This one is ‘Messy Things I Like’! Feel free to link up in the comments (or on Instagram with the #52lists tag) if you want to make this list too! x Pip #52lists < join in at any time : use our prompts or think up your own cool list!

:: Some Of My Favourite Flowers : #52Lists

Yesterday, Gemma Guest-Listed for #52Lists. Her list was called “(Some of my) Favourite Flowers”. Last night, I wrote my list of favourite flowers. It was harder than I thought. Now I realise I left off a few that I super-love: geraniums johnny jump ups bluebells snowdrops & gazania to name but a few… Do you have some favourite flowers to share? Do tell! x Pip #52lists  < join in!

:: All About The Pompom Rug In Frankie Magazine

If you have the latest Frankie Magazine. Or if you read Poppytalk. Or if you read Kireei. Or if you are on Instagram…  Well, then you might have seen this pompom rug pop up. Apparently it’s on Pinterest too. Whodathunkit?! How speedy! Let me tell you about this rug: Jo from Frankie asked me to make this for Issue 52 and I said YES. Do you know why? I was already planning on making a pompom rug, so this was a NIFTY hurry along. I had gathered all the pompoms from our POMPOM WINDOW PROJECT and all the pompoms people sent

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:: Where To Buy Kantha Throws, Quilts & Cushions

A lot of people have asked me where I got the Kantha quilts and cushions that I have in my  house. I bought them on eBay, from a great store called 1vintagetextile.  They have tons of quilts and cushions.  They deliver REALLY quickly via Fedex and the quality is very good. I think you might accidentally pick yourself out something nice! x Pip   * This post is not sponsored. I paid full price for the things I bought from this store.

:: Guest List : Gemma Jones #52Lists

  Hello! Welcome to 52 Lists for this week! Today, we have a GREAT guest list from Gemma Jones. Today’s list is (some of my) Favourite Flowers. Gemma Jones is a Melbourne artist and curator. She’s also one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS. Gemma is a maker, painter, thinker and writer. She’s super-smart and always has a thoughtful, fresh perspective on anything you throw at her. I bought my first ever painting from Gemma. You can see it here. It’s important to support the artists we love, I think. What are YOUR favourite flowers? Do you have lots like Gemma?

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:: Weekend Camping Trip

We left the big kids at home and tripped off to Wilson’s Prom after school on Friday. Jeepers it was nice (apart from the drama in the camp site next to us!) We got very little sleep, but had ace times.  Here are some things we did: went for walks hung out on the beach ate jaffles swam drank lots of tea played I Spy played backgammon read books (Little Women… such a heart warmer!) listened to Kings of Convenience caught fish (well… Cam did. 3 huge whiting, to be precise!) sizzled chorizo and potatoes swatted flies yelled at a

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:: Super CUTE!

I love this. Do you?! x Pip

:: Win A Creative Living Skype Session

There’s a cute giveaway on JustB this week. It’s part of a sponsored post I wrote for the NAB. Click through to read more, if you want to. The post is called DIY Happiness Makeover. The prize is: Giveaway Perhaps you’d like to know more about my take on happiness?  Glean a few more creative living tips? I’m giving away a 1 hour Creative Living Session. You and me. A pot of tea. And SKYPE.   You can ask me any questions you have about work/life balance, my work, making things, juggling parenthood and creativity, happiness, creative heroes, awesome books, blogging,

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:: This Week On Instagram

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