How are you? What have you been making? I've been making this! It's a ripple stitch blanket, with added fans! OMG!  How pretty is this stitch?
Did you see this blanket on Smile and Wave a while ago? Ms S&W found it in a thrift shope and thousands of crochet crazy people across the internet gasped at its beauty.  I gasped.  Then I saved it to my desktop and it became my wallpaper as I spent ages trying to find the pattern. I tried to work it out myself, but I couldn't get it right. Dang. (It's the second one down in the photo collage above, I think it's crocheted in cotton?)
Luckily, last week,  I found the pattern on Ravelry. Hurrah!  Ms Janis Cortese worked it out and uploaded it. You can see it here (if you are not a Ravelry member, it's really easy to sign up and you get access to all kinds of good stuff!)  
SO I started making a lap blanket on Saturday. I will take some 'proper' photos later today, but for now, here are the Instagrammed ones!  I can't stop looking at it.  It's easy to make and it's LOVELY and heavy and wavy. Swoon!

Thank you Smile and Wave!
Thank you Janis Cortese!
Thank you lady who made the original blanket (whoever you are!)

xx Pip




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