How are you? I am COLD. Gosh. It's nearly Winter and I am feeling it. I'm good in the mornings but once it gets just past lunchtime I am FREEZING. What is with that? I just feel a bit jittery and distracted by the coldness. Do you ever feel like that? 
Gemma told me that it can be good to sit with a hot water bottle on your lap when you are a bit chilly, so I am trying that now.  It seems to be working well. I think I'd like one on my lap and one in the small of my back, for maximum sooky warmth. I'm going to try that.
Today I met some friends in the morning for coffee. I have not been doing much friendly stuff, because I have been working on lot of things and needing to stay in. It was pretty nice to just hang out at South of Johnston and look at the fire and drink their very excellent coffee.  They are really lovely there. Go if you are a Melbourne type.
Also this week (as part of my job at JustB) I got to borrow a car from Nissan for six whole months. I'll be taking cute trips and writing about going places over there from next week. Keep an eye out if you are looking for some short trip inspiration, road trip finds and country town cake shop information.  Possibly there will be motels, caravan parks and small town RSLs too!
(Ari's doing his homework now. He's looking for rhombuses in our house. It's quite hard. Is it rhombi?)
Further to my nail art obsession I asked Bloom (a long time Mike's fave) if I could review some cosmetics and they sent me a few things! OMG. I've been practicing my stripes and ombre nails. I'm TOTALLY getting better, I know it!  
I'm trying to finish the blankie I'm making for my sister's baby. AND that is the marionette that Max and Ari bought me for Mother's Day in the photo up there.
Also, did you know that part of my job is to read a few hundred blogs each day and look for interesting stuff. OMG. It's a tough life!  Here's what I've been enjoying reading today. I thought it would be good to share!

I love this cute house on Decor8
Jan's posted this gorgeous little shop : Olula-la : in Spain (over at Poppytalk!)
This is one of my favourite blogs, did you know that?!
Strawberry Ice at Joy The Baker = yum attack!
Frecklewonder posted this lovely book.
Ten homemade doughnut recipes (via me on JustB)
And I love Brinja's shop too. And her photos!
A simple Greek Salad at Une-deux senses

What have you been reading? Are there things you would like to tell us about? Are you well?

xx Pip




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