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:: 20 Adorable Amigurumi Critters to Crochet…

August 28, 2009

Amigurumi. No. Not a delicate spice to sprinkle on your soba noodles. Rather a lovingly (or hopefully) crocheted creature with which to impress your friends or small children. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite Amigurumicritters for you to mull over on the weekend…. Enjoy!

  1. Cute Red-Riding Hood-esque Sleepy Sarah Doll pattern by Owlishly via Whipup
  2. Also at Owlishly – these cute 3D hearts
  3. Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba how to here
  4. Adorable Dr Who Doll via Snuffykin
  5. And a cool Eel via Snuffykin as well
  6. Susan Whitlock’s Hummingbird pattern here
  7. A sweet snail over at Knotty’s
  8. Circus elephant and HEAPS more over at this site
  9. Totoro amigurumi here – argh! Too cute!
  10. A koala bear – via
  11. Look! A sausage dog!
  12. Maybe a lobster would be good? Crochet one here!
  13. Adorable Bear with Honey Pot from Ana Paula
  14. Bunny Boo and lots of Amigurumi help over here – including smiling 3D hearts!
  15. Oh look at these monkeys! Via Molly Chicken
  16. Lion Brand Yarn have Birds in Nests, Polar Bears, Wolves and more! Here!
  17. Trois cute piggies here
  18. An armadillo would be great, no?
  19. Platypus amigurumi and more via Craftster
  20. Find a crocheted donkey via Stuff Peasie Made

Heaps of different animals and other stuff here

xx Pip


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