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15 Rad Creativity-Encouraging Etsy Finds for Crafty Kiddos

May 5, 2017
etsy finds for kids

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As the weather cools down in Australia, we’re all dreaming of plates piled high with crunchy toast, steaming hot mugs of tea, roaring fires, snuggly blankets and plenty of creative indoors time. Yessss!

When I was little, my brother and sister and I spent a LOT of time inside making things. We used to raid the rubbish bin for cardboard boxes and scraps of paper and old magazines, and magic them all together with glue and tape to make houses for these fluffy and tiny chickens.

We called it “playing chickens” (I know!) and we did it year in and year out, making tiny beds and pillows and sofas and mini paintings to go on the walls of their cardboard chicken palaces.

This was long before you could just go and buy that kinda stuff and provided much-anticipated bonding and the kind of craft-together, chattery hum that can not be beaten!

If you quite fancy putting away the screens and getting down to some of your own craft-together fun times with the kiddos in your life, then this post will strike a total chord with you.

These kits and things I found on Etsy are perfect for big kids and little ones too.

Some will make the perfect junior solo DIY project or creative tool. Others are the stuff that side-by-side artsy times are made of. And I’m fairly sure ALL of them will have you itching to clear the decks and get cracking on a little bit of an art class at your place. Maybe you could even put on a Neil Diamond record, like we did?

What could be nicer than that?!


kids craft kits on etsy

one: delightful paper doll kits by shelika toys
two: glitzy-great DIY concrete planter kits by arterno
three: fold your own paper unicorn by pukaca
four: amazingest make-a-fox kit ever by cynthia treen studio
five: blooming lovely floral crown craft kit by huckleberry store

kids craft kits on etsy


six: me-wow! kitten craft kit by clara & macy
seven: wooden flower loom by ffflowers
eight: paper camping set by pukaca
nine: very excellent racoon-making kit by arterno
ten: adorable finger puppet craft kit by clara & macy

eleven: cute little family stamp set by the crafterie
twelve: ridiculously cute woodland animal pencil set by so wishi washi
thirteen: gang of cats pen set by paper geek co
fourteen: helpful fox pencil roll by lady stump
fifteen: forest animal stickers by tiny bees


I pretty much want everything on this (quite long) list! And I want to go make something this very second.

How about you? Do you fancy making a thing with the kiddos in your life? Or maybe you and your pals are the biggest kids of all?

xx Pip

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