15 cute, colourful things I can teach you to crochet

There are lots of crochet how-tos tucked away on this here blog. I thought I would gather a few into a post, in case you feel like getting out the hook and making something woolly!

They’re pretty simple to work up too. You just need to know a few basic stitches and then follow along.

I think simple is best – that it’s colour choice and positioning that really make a project sing.


meetmeatmikes granny squares


If you’d like to learn some crochet basics, this post is your best bet:

How to crochet a granny square


meetmeatmikes crochet one

And here are some other fun things to get cracking on.

1. How to crochet a zig-zag or chevron blanket 

2. How to crochet a wavy or ripple blanket

3. How to crochet an arcade or Larksfoot blanket

4. How to crochet an Age Before Beauty blanket


meetmeatmikes crochet 2


5. How to crochet an Oblong Story blanket

6. How to crochet a hexagon

7. How to crochet a vintage style tea cosy

8. How to crochet the world’s easiest tea cosy


meetmeatmikes crochet 3


9. How to crochet a potholder

10. How to crochet some cute and cosy slippers 

11. How to crochet some gorgeous cotton face cloths

12. How to crochet a paper chain


meetmeatmikes crochet 4

13. How to crochet some baubles

14. How to crochet some pretty stars


Phew. That’s a lot of how-to-ing! If you need some more crochet inspiration, you can take a look over here.

I’ve tried to put all the things I made into one big album of woolly goodness.

You. Are. Welcome!

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  1. Do you mind if I share this page on my Facebook page? Giving you full credit of course.

    1. Of course you can! And thank you!!!! xx

  2. I love love love. Going to try some of this ?

  3. A great collection of crochet projects, I’ve always wanted to learn the ripple blanket and chevron, they look so effective. Thanks for collating all these tips for us x

  4. I’ve only just picked up a crochet hook and your granny square tutorial videos are fantastically helpful!! Thanks Pip.

  5. So many lovely things. I taught myself to make granny squares with your online tutorial several years ago and for a while as soon as I heard someone was pregnant I would whip up a blanket. But I’ve never managed to master anything but granny squares and I lost a bit of interest. You’ve inspired me to give it another crack!

  6. So many colourful things. I love the Flickr album too. Zoe xx

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