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14 cute and fashionable patterns that’ll have you dusting off the sewing machine

September 23, 2020

(Okay, maybe you’ve already dusted off your machine long ago! Or maybe you use it all the time? I understand. It’s just a headline, you know?!)

I’ve been scouting around for fashionable looks from independent pattern companies, and let me tell you, there are a heap of excellent designers out there. There’s been a significant movement in this direction over the last few years, and most patterns are available in PDF so you can print them out and use them straight away.

If you aren’t keen to sew these yourself, you could always enlist the help of a dressmaker. PLUS once you get the fit right for you, you could commission a few of the same style in different fabrics. Nothing like having a unique and handmade ‘uniform’ to make getting dressed much easier!

Let’s take a look at a few favourites …

This boiler suit !!!

This is really, really cute, right? I love the fit and I really want to make one.

Find the Thelma Boiler Suit PDF pattern at Merchant and Mills.

This yoga set

I mean, maybe you aren’t doing yoga during the pandemic. Maybe you are lying on the couch a lot? This set is good for that too. No judgement here.

Find the OM Yoga Set at Schnittchen.

This pocket frock

I mean … look at those excellent pockets! I am very much into this frock and I love it in denim but also think it could be cute in linen.

Find the Rushcutter Dress at In The Folds.

These cute pants

I absolutely hate wearing pants … but these look cute and comfy and I love the wider leg and high waist. I am really tempted to give these a go! I like them in the fabric shown … it’s a wee bit late ’90s early ’00s, don’t you think?! LOVE.

Find The Georgie Trouser pattern (PDF and paper pattern) at The Fold Line

This apron dress

Could this dress be any cuter? NO! It could not! I want this. I think I’d make it in a lightweight medium wash denim so that it doesn’t show the pet hair quite so much!

Find this Apron Dress  pattern (PDF or paper pattern) at The Assembly Line.

This blazer

You can either buy the pattern for this blazer OR you can buy an entire class that teaches you how to make this blazer. Pretty awesome, right? I’m very much into this jacket just the way it’s shown above. Perhaps I’d make the collar contrast PINK?

Find the pattern or the learn-to-make-a-blazer class at Closet Core Patterns.

This puff-sleeve top

Puff sleeves! What could be more bolstering?! I love that this comes in a really broad size range too.

Find the Sagebrush Top (PDF or paper pattern) at Friday Pattern Co.

This buttoned-up skirt

Tessuti always have gorgeous things and this skirt is no exception. I’m liking it a lot and it makes me want to twirl/picnic/read a book in the sunshine.

The Madden Skirt is available in PDF or paper pattern at Tessuti.

This combo

A dress and top trio to mix things up and start your capsule wardrobe off right.

The shift dress and top trio are from Wiksten.

This tote

I mean … who doesn’t need another tote or three to make supermarket shopping much more swank?

Find the Fika Tote pattern (PDF or paper pattern) at Noodlehead.

This cute dressed-up dress

We can’t always be slouching about, now can we? This dress is perfect for when you’re doing something a bit fancy, methinks.

Find the Ravine Dress pattern (PDF or paper pattern) at Paper Cut Patterns.

This round-necked dress

I’m all about a round neck (or a high square neckline.) I’d make this in a floral or pattern, so that it hides the messy wear and tear and spills of my day! Cotton all the way.

Find The Cuff Dress pattern (PDF or paper pattern) at The Assembly Line.

This tied-with-a-bow frock

ANOTHER DRESS, PIP? Yes. Another dress. Never too many dresses!

The Tea House Top and Dress pattern is available in PDF or paper pattern at Sew House Seven.

These comfy pants

Look at them. They are begging to be put on and included in a long session of reading a good book … or baking something excellent.

The Luna Pants PDF pattern is by Made By Rae.

Phew! So many good things, right?! Let’s get sewing, peaches.

x pip


  • Reply Emily October 17, 2020 at 9:32 PM

    Must get better at sewing!

  • Reply Georgina September 24, 2020 at 12:13 PM

    This is great. I am also on the hunt for a sewing pattern to make sailor pants-did you come across any? I’d also love to hear more about the act of sewing-I have stalled on the level of sewing required to make kids shorts/cushion covers, so any insight into how to step it up to making cool clothes would be great!

  • Reply Jennifer Judd September 24, 2020 at 7:44 AM

    Love the patterns. Would there be a link to the outfit the “more mature” lady is wearing in the first photo ? Love her pants (and I am in that age bracket!)

    • Reply Pip September 24, 2020 at 7:47 AM

      Hi Jennifer! It’s a bit hard to tell, because she has her arms crossed, but it’s actually the same boiler suit that’s shown in the second photo! 🙂 How great does she look?! x

  • Reply Miranda September 23, 2020 at 4:51 PM

    I love looking at sewing patterns and fabric and all 5he possibilities, I just never get to execution stage…well since I was about 23. 8 used to whip outfits to go out in. An burnt orange cord Zoot suit from on of mum’s old vogue patterns to go and see The Sugar Cubes. A short black linen shift for Princes Diamonds and Pearls tour ( A mediaeval inspired velvet number melded from two patterns (before franken-hacking was a thing) for my besties 21st. Wish I kept these outfits, as proof that I once had time.

    • Reply Pip September 23, 2020 at 6:00 PM

      I love the way your sewing is tied to those gigs. I wish you had kept those outfits too!! I saw Prince on that tour in Melbourne. LOVED IT. Have never seen The Sugar Cubes live, though, sadly. x

  • Reply kate September 23, 2020 at 4:14 PM

    You have a great wardrobe right there. I don’t sew or even have a sewing machine so probs not happening here. I’m always drawn to dresses and love how others look in them yet they always hang barely worn in my cupboard until I donate them. I think it’s my height to width ratio and not very attractive ankles that just make me feel frumpy and matronly. Also I don’t like my thighs touching. Yeah weird I know.
    I hope you’ll show us any of these that you make
    Cheers Kate

    • Reply Pip September 23, 2020 at 6:01 PM

      I always wear leggings (or bike shorts in summer) under my frocks. And my ankles are very matronly too!! xx

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