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:: 01 : Suburbs I Have Lived In

#52lists : List One

I’m writing a list each week. Maybe you would like to do that too? Or maybe you have your own List Project going on? I know that lots of people love lists.

Today I’m listing Suburbs I Have Lived In.  I was born in Tasmania and lived there until I was nine. Then we moved to WA for five years. Then to Canberra. And THEN I left home and came to Melbourne, where I have lived ever since.

I posted this photo on Instagram and someone nice asked me which was my fave suburb. I think that Fitzroy is my fave. Lots of good things have happened in Fitzroy. I love the neighbourhood. I love the way I can walk everywhere. I love my house/office and I love it that the kids are growing up with so much good stuff on their doorstep.

Next would be Mt Nelson, because our house backed on to a HUGE bush block which ran down to a little creek. We spent hours lost in the bush (in an un-lost way.) It was idyllic, really and I have super fond memories of that time.

Third would be South Hedland in WA. We lived in a one high school town, and even though it wasn’t the best high school in Australia and was HUGE, it felt intimate and I loved my teachers.  There was one big supermarket and one roller skating rink and one drive-in.  I just loved it that you could go anywhere and see someone you knew. It felt like a village and it was always warm and I felt free.

Where have you lived? Tell me?! #52Lists

x Pip

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