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Make: The Oblong Story Granny Rectangle Blanket From Craft For The Soul

October 3, 2015
craft for the soul pip

  The blanket on the cover of Craft For The Soul is the perfect project for a beginner (OR a more experienced crochet-er!) I thought I’d make a photo tutorial AND a video tutorial about The Oblong Story Granny Rectangle Blanket – just in case you are inspired to make one for yourself. It’s a pretty speedy project, as far as crochet goes, and it’s super fun to make too! I’ve included some basic stitch video tutorials in the playlist…

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Craft For The Soul Nice Life Reminders

Humans vs Monsters

October 2, 2015

Do you ever think the internet is mostly a giant forum to point out the mistakes/dumbness/fragility of other humans? Sometimes it really seems that way, right? We (might) use the behaviour of others as a kind of compass for ourselves. We (might) look on as people say a thing or do a thing. Watch as others rush in to deconstruct it, point out the error in their ways and share that error with their friends. Sometimes we even join the…

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52 Hellos Eat Pip-Life

52 Hellos Week 38 + Stuff I’ve Been Loving + Cake

September 27, 2015
bavarian crochet blanket progress

  It’s been QUITE a while since I posted for 52Hellos – mostly because I packed the box of letters up and could not find it when I unpacked. A bit of persistent unpacking turned them up this week, which is a good thing because I had forgotten how nice it was to read a handwritten note from someone I don’t know! This week’s letters are from Lisa and Amanda. Thanks for writing to us!!! I loved Lisa’s penpal story…

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Bright Futures + Fuzzy Little People

September 23, 2015
home video

Hello! How are you going?! I am going good. Finding my feet in the new neighbourhood and trying to get a new neighbourhood daily routine going. It’s weird, right? You move house and everything old is out the window. You have to find new ways of being and doing. It’s exciting and a bit unsettling. But I am more settled every day, so the future looks BRIGHT! I think once my craft room/office is unpacked and sorted I will feel…

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