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Hine Mizushima’s Invertebrate Sleep Habits

July 29, 2016
Hine Mizushima

  This beautiful, tiny felt series by Hine Mizushima is called Invertebrate Sleep Habits. You can see the whole story here. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this! How do people even come UP with this stuff? I do not know. Perhaps they have the genius gene. That MUST be it. Just wow.   All images/work by Hine Mizushima…

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craft Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: July

July 25, 2016
pip life july 2016

  The month is nearly over. How did we get here, for Pete’s sake?! Time is whizzing by, right? Is it just me? Is it you too?! Make it stop! I thought I’d sneak in a little Taking Stock before it’s over and out for July. Maybe you’d like to Take Stock too? Scroll down for a blank list you can cut and paste into your notes or onto Facebook or onto a blog or Instagram, even. Here’s my effort.…

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Eat Pip-Life

How to make Chocolate Chip Brioche Buns

July 20, 2016
choc chip brioche buns 9

Can you say Brioche Buns? Is it an oxymoron? Someone will tell me if so. It’s THE INTERNET, after all. Perhaps it is an oxymoron, but what I am trying to tell you is that this is a brioche type dough – buttery and light – and that it’s baked with chocolate chips into little bun shapes. Also, you could most definitely buy fancy and pricey chocolate chips for this and your buns would be amazing (tee hee!) but I…

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How to: Crochet a Harlequin Blanket

July 19, 2016
meet me at mikes harlequin blanket by pip

Hello! I have been making this lovely blanket and putting together a pur-retty exhaustive tutorial to show YOU how to make one too. It’s taken a VERY LONG time, but I think that it’s going to make it heaps easier for people to learn how to do this. This blanket is actually MUCH easier than it looks, but it helps a lot to have a pal show you what the what is. I am that pal. #fistbump You can find the…

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Craft For The Soul Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life

24 non-crap things to say to the sad person in your life

July 17, 2016
pip lincolne meet me at mikes

Do you know what? Sometimes, when people are feeling sad or peaky, we really don’t know what to say. Phrases like ‘Cheer up!’ or ‘It is what it is’ or ‘Toughen up’ can sometimes spill from our lips. Expressions like ‘tough love’, ‘big girl panties’ and ‘sad sack’ might swirl in our heads. Of course we’re probably not 100% behind those responses. It’s just that they’re the kind of Wrongtown defaults we might have encountered in our own lives when we’ve felt a…

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Listen/Watch/Read Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life

10 snack & screen pairings for those who need to wallow

July 12, 2016

Sometimes, you just need to retreat from the world and have a bit of a cry, don’t you? A big day in to let it all out, kinda thing. This blanket-worthy practice is such a trusty default, I was fairly sure there must be more to the sad story. Surely it’s not just about slippers, G&Ts and pizza with the curtains drawn, I figured.  There must be proper scientific reasons that going deeper into your sads – with a hefty slathering of EVEN MORE feelings via…

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Fashion edition Beatrix Potter, anyone?

July 6, 2016
feature beatrix potter designer edition

Hello! Did you know that it’s 150 years since Beatrix Potter’s birth?! It is! It’s true. Publisher Penguin Random House are celebrating with new editions of a handful of Potter classics. Five of Penguin’s favourite fashion designers were commissioned to create these brand new, reimagined, very fashion-y covers. I think the INSIDE pages are Beatrix-business-as-usual. It’s just the covers that have had a bit of a special occasion make-over. Fancy that. The Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle by Orla Kiely The Tale of Squirrel…

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Etsy Photography + Art + Design Rad People

Rad People: Illustrator Boyoun Kim

July 6, 2016
Boyoun Kim

  I was excited to stumble across the beautiful work of Boyoun Kim yesterday. I’m often pretty gobsmacked by the cleverness and creativity of illustrators and Boyoun Kim is definitely next-level in terms of  gobsmacks. Award-winning Korean-born Boyoun is based in New York. She’s collaborated with the likes of Lucky Peach, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal (to name but a few!) Phew! Boyoun’s work is like a restorative, technicolour shot of gorgeousness for colour lovers like me. If that is even a…

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Crochet Listen/Watch/Read Pip-Life

Things that have been going on…

July 4, 2016
weekend shots

Oh hi! I’ve been a little quiet over the last week. Just feeling a leeeetle bit fatigued. It’s good to go-to-ground a bit when things feel that way, I reckon. It’s important to listen to your bodily bits and pieces and slow things down a titch. I’m 1000% sure that the cooler weather is partly responsible for this tiredness. I am probably actually a turtle also, I think. You know how turtles are? When things get cool they tend to…

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Crochet One + Four = Life

One + Four = Life

June 28, 2016
one plus four equals our life

It’s been a while since I had a stab at One + Four = Life. The idea is that you take one week and four photos and this mash-up might just tell a story about what’s going on around here. Let’s give it a whirl and see how we go?     One: Granny Squares I decided to make some very, very, very bright granny squares. Not sure what/who they are destined for, but I love seeing how random colours…

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handmade Partnerships Pip-Life

Make THIS: Finger knit a Snug Life rug

June 23, 2016
meet me at mikes snug life bedside rug

:: This project is sponsored by Spotlight ::    Hello! You know, the moment after your feet leave your slippers, but pre-under-blanket snuggle is an important one. Hence, I’ve hatched this easy-to-make bedside rug! Not only does it take just a few hours in front of Outlander/Game of Thrones to complete, it a welcome home for tootsies at the snoozier end of the day. Also… when you get up in the morning, and your feet hit the floor, they will really…

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Behold! The Sallyfieldathon!

June 22, 2016
sally field

I’m doing a new and special thing called The Sallyfieldathon. As you can well imagine, this involves watching television shows and movies that feature Sally Field. I have loved Sally Field very deeply since I was a little girl eating baked bean jaffles on a TV tray in front of The Flying Nun. My grown-up quest – The Sallyfieldathon – began a while ago, with the box set of Gidget. After that, it moved on to the entire series of Brothers…

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Listen/Watch/Read Photography + Art + Design

Monsieur Mayonnaise

June 19, 2016
mirka and philippe

I am really looking forward to seeing this film! I don’t know a huge amount about it, but what I did find out is this: It’s the brainchild of Philippe Mora – artist, filmmaker and son to Mirka and George Mora – and seems to scoop up a whole bunch of cloak and dagger resistance rollicking, French icons and beautiful art.  It’s due to premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival and cinema release is some time in August. You can watch…

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Etsy handmade Photography + Art + Design

Winter hats for pompom lovers…

June 15, 2016

You know, the bigger the pompom, the closer to God*? Right?! I am sure Dolly Parton WOULD have said that, had she discovered a crochet hook before she stumbled upon hairspray… Hooks and hair aside, here’s a bunch of delightful head cosies for those of us who not only have cold ears, but also feel the need to put our best pom forward. Honestly, I can think of nothing better than festooning my head with one of these delightful specimens.…

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Craft For The Soul Creativity Nice Life Reminders

Things to worry about

June 13, 2016
judith kerr the tiger who came to tea

Okay. I admit it. I am a worrier. I can’t help it. Worry me. I also battle with anxiety on an almost daily basis. It’s a whooshing, chemical thing. An unsettling friend. Sigh. Perhaps worry is the dark side of imagination and creativity? Maybe all those good ideas and meandering mind wanderings HAVE to stray into overthinking, what-if, holy sh*t, yikes territory? Maybe it’s just part of the deal? Anxiety, on the other hand, is pretty much devoid of redeeming qualities…

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Crochet Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: June

June 10, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.48.00 am

Oh hello! It’s been a little while since I did ‘Taking Stock’, but I know lots of people have been merrily doing it all over the internet. I think it’s really cool that a simple little exercise can slow things down and tell us a lot about where we are and who we are. It’s neat-o! I’ve added some fresh things to the list this month, so maybe you want to play along too (with the lure of the new?!) Here’s…

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