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At Least Twelve Things To Watch When You Are Feeling Slumpy

July 30, 2015
Madonna + Rosanna

Sometimes, when you are feeling in a bit of a fug, the best thing to do is get under a blanket and watch something restorative. I talk about this quite a bit in my book. Aside from the whole ‘get out there and get moving’ thing I’ve got going on, I’m a very serious devotee of the blanket/hot tea/telly triangle of comfort. You don’t always have to fight slump with movement. Sometimes slump really wants to be surrendered to and…

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52 Hellos: Week 29

July 27, 2015
you make me happy

It’s probably no news to you that I have been under the weather. It’s put me a little bit out of kilter… well… a LOT out of kilter, truth be told. I got totally out of sync with my usual routine. I’m glad to say that things are finally righting themselves and I’m getting back to ‘normal’. Phew. Sorry for the minor intermission in the more regular features – but really, a lady can only do what she can do,…

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Why You Should Support This Project (Even If It’s Just A Bright Idea Right Now!)

July 25, 2015
Tigress Magazine

I get it. Crowd funding. Hm. It can be hard to get behind something that’s just an idea. Maybe you are worried that it will go on to NOT reflect the kinds of things you are into. Maybe you are worried the thing might not work out. That the people involved might not be skilled/reliable enough to realise the¬†dream? Or maybe you are worried that it won’t turn out as great as you thought and that’s a reflection on you?…

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