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:: Lunch With Rin

July 31, 2014

Usually, on a midweek day, if I’m not too bogged down with work I go and meet Rin for lunch in the city. When I was a kid, living in Hobart, going to the city was called ‘going into town’. Now, in Melbourne, we say ‘going to the city’, but I often wonder if I’m being a bit pretentious… Maybe I need to revert to ‘town’ and honour my roots? Maybe I’m being super fancy?!


:: I Went To Tassie!

July 28, 2014

Hey! Hi!

Did you know I went to Tassie?! Probably if you follow me on Instagram you know it. I posted so many photos I wouldn't blame you if you UNFOLLOWED me. I was born in Tasmania and I always go a bit nuts when I go home. All of the reminiscing and the nostalgia and the photo taking ensue.