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Sponsored Project: Fiesta Pots (& #MadeItMyOwn with Annie Sloan)

September 4, 2015
feature annie sloan fiesta pots

This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan : Unfolded, the good people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia : Follow them on Facebook here for more excellent paint-related or decorating ideas!   Annie Sloan : Unfolded have been sponsoring my blog for a little over 12 months. I really love working with them and hatching cute projects with their Chalk Paint™. This week, I painted these cute pots for my new garden (and I have some other projects lined up in the wings too!) Annie…

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Craft For The Soul Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life

Our Early Morning House

September 2, 2015

Today I woke up at 4.40am. When I got up I found out that my friend Gemma had woken up at 3.30am, so I didn’t feel quite so weird about it. Well. Except for the fact that Gemma has a baby bouncing around inside her to ensure she’s wakeful. I don’t have any such excuse. I’m just going to say that the exhaustion of moving house if finally starting to wear off and I went to bed early and six…

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Eat Pip-Life

Recipe: Tangy, Chewy Lemon Squares

August 31, 2015
tangy chewy lemon squares

I am so excited to have a huge kitchen, two lemon trees and a lovely oven at my new house. So excited, in fact, that I have been baking a favourite thing. Lemon squares! When Rin was little, I used to make these all the time. They’re almost whole-heartedly based on a recipe from Stephanie Alexander’s book ‘Stephanie’s Seasons’, but I’ve seen a similar recipe in the Australian Women’s Weekly too – some people might recognise the bones of these from…

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Ace Days Ahead

August 30, 2015
Sweet And Sour The Takeaways

Wowee. Moving is exhausting, right? There are so many things to do. Things to pack and move and clean. Loose ends to tie up. Problems to solve. Dust to breathe. Nails to break. We’ve almost made it through the tricky bit and are nearly up to the bit where we can make our new house the way we want it to be and start living our new house life. Phew. My feet hurt, though. I have been on my feet…

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