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Here’s Where You Can Buy A Map Of Aboriginal Australia

February 4, 2016
australia map

  On Australia Day I posted a map of Australia. You might have seen it on my Facebook or Instagram or Twitter account? I honestly am not a fan of Australia Day in any way, shape or form, so am (like many others) always trying to find ways to deal with that day in some kind of constructive way. This year, I posted a map of Australia (the kind that recognises aboriginal territories) and some links to the Indigenous Literacy…

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Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life

This Is Why I Don’t Like Emus

February 3, 2016
pip nan melbourne

I’m a bit sad today, for various reasons. Someone we love so much passed away late last week and despite best attempts to soldier on, it’s all a bit too sad a lot of the time, really. LUCKILY I work with some wonderful people who (at times) keep me on the straight and narrow. One of them (her name is Bek Day) reminded me of this funny story this morning. It cheered me up for a good five minutes, so…

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Rad People Social Justice

Befriend A Child

February 2, 2016
marcel marlier

  A little while ago I wrote about becoming a pen pal to an asylum seeking child in detention. (It seems that the program has been inundated with enquiries – so if you had tried to get in touch with them, know that.) Yesterday I read about another important program called Befriend A Child over on the Frankie Magazine blog. I clicked right through because I think that a) kids in detention is just a ridiculous, senseless and criminal notion…

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Gilmore Girls Listen/Watch/Read

Gilmorealong: Season One: Episode Four

February 2, 2016
gilmore gals

After quite a long break, the confirmation of the Netflix four episode Gilmore Girls revival has me super excited. So let’s take up where we left off and Gilmorealong again, revisiting Episode 4! (Scroll down to the bottom for links to previous Gilmorealong posts!) Episode Title: The Deer Hunters This is the episode where Rory gets a reality check about the pressures of attending a fancy school, studying too hard and roaming wildlife. She’s also harassed by a boy (‘Later, Mary!) and bullied by…

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